Sunday, 23 February 2014


If anyone is a fan of BRUTALISM, go and watch the amazing Jonathan Meades TV programme Bunkers, Brutalism And Bloodymindedness – Concrete Poetry!!!

Poor old Brutalism has had a bad press over the years.... And sometimes I can see why... If you've ever tried walking past Archway Tower in London and been blasted by gale force winds coming off it, you'll understand!!

But I've always had a strange fascination for it...
Sometimes the sheer audacity and simplicity of it, making enormous and sweeping concrete buildings. And Mr Meades appears to be a fan! The first part of his programme was a sensational visual treat, with his amazingly bold and cutting dialogue making a fabulous documentary. Part 2 is on tonight, can't wait.....

The amazingly brutal Cromwell Tower at the Barbican in London.

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