Friday, 9 October 2020


I've got here two papers from a significant moment in the history of The Times newspaper.

The redesign of their masthead and cover.

The Times had begun life in 1785, and for most of the time since then, had retained the same format on its front cover.

Endless rows of small advertisements in the tiniest print possible, seemingly ignoring any attempts at modernity.

The very last time they had this style was Monday May 2nd, 1966.


The following day on May 3rd, they unveiled a completely new look ...



Gone was the old-fashioned masthead, replaced with just a clear bold font, and instead of rows of unreadable text, they finally had the news headlines and a photograph on the cover.

There doesn't appear to be any explanation as to why they did it, although the paper's ownership had just changed hands, so presumably the new owner wanted a fresh approach.

As with any old newspapers they make fascinating reading, especially given the context of the times they were from. 

Right bang in the middle of the Swinging Sixties, with England's triumphant World Cup campaign about to start in a couple of months time. Groovy!

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