Thursday, 9 January 2020


On my ceaseless quest for new stock and ideas, I found two forlorn looking bits of vintage furniture ...

And then thought ... 'Upcycling projects' !!!

First up are these wooden drawers, probably dating to the 1930s or earlier, that have the look of sturdy office furniture. 

I love them, and are probably a forerunner to the metal office drawers that were so ubiquitous in the later 20th Century.
I'll probably just give them a sand down and wood stain them, to bring back the original look, instead of going too mad.

Then I got this fabulous Mid-Century bookcase, with the giveaway groovy legs and unusual curved shape.

They've had a bit of a rough time, and have had some crude repairs and paint job.
I've already scraped off most of the paint and it has revealed a lovely deep-coloured wood.
With these, I'm tempted to restore the original look, but I've got some ideas of painting and decorating them.
I'm not a fan of the usual bland colours that you see everywhere, so watch this space and see what happens!!

All I need now is for the weather to stay dry, so I can haul them out into my backyard and have a real go at them!!

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