Thursday, 30 January 2020


Anyone who has seen me at vintage fairs will know I always have a really random selection of records to sell.
I love picking out unusual and off-the-wall vinyls ...

And sometimes I'll have a single that absolutely screams ICONIC!!
This gem from the mighty French singer Edith Piaf.

Easily her best known song on these shores, anyone with a hint of knowledge about France and cool vinyls should know this!

The song translates as 'No, I don't regret anything', which sums up her life really, and came out as this four-track 7" EP in 1961. 

She was quite a character, and led a tough roller-coaster life, unfortunately culminating in her tragically early death at 47.

But she left us a huge legacy and remains one of France's most recognisable icons.

Find this classic at my next fairs, including LOU LOU'S BRISTOL VINTAGE FAIR on 29th February!

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