Saturday, 19 December 2020


I've got one of these unusual 1960s cameras for sale ...



They are hard to find nowadays, and have cult status amongst photographers.


Initially made as a cheap-and-cheerful camera for fairgrounds and seafront gift shops, they unintentionally became iconic items.


Like their better known contemporaries, the Diana cameras, they can produce bizarre and strange photographs.


They have a habit of letting in light, which creates unexpected light effects, blurry dreamlike atmospheres and saturated colours.


The joy for photographers is that no two photos are the same, so there is always a surprise to see what you actually get!

Such was their uniqueness, that a whole genre has been created to categorise them, called Lomography.

The example I have for sale, includes its original box, PLUS an unused film!



Its up on the Facebook Marketplace, so have a peep HERE


And here is my own example of how Lomography looks ...



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