Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Sorry haven't blogged for a while, my time has been spent on other things recently.

Like trying to earn an honest crust!!

As markets and my unit are still off limits, I'm having to delve deeper and deeper into selling online.

Although I'm not a huge fan of it, the sorting out of loads of photos, the endless chasing of people, waiting for replies, payments etc, but I have to say, the whole enterprise has been a roaring success!!!! 

I will, one day, set up my own online shop, but for now I'm just using the Facebook Marketplace.

And, in general, unlike markets, you tend to get the price you actually want for the item!!!

Apart from the odd chancer, who tries it on and wants something half-price, (seriously mate???)

So it has been a little peep into the future for me. Avoiding certain scenarios does sound appealing. Check out my monologue below about the routine of outdoors vintage markets ... 


Stacking tonnes of boxes in the lounge the night before a market, then getting up at 4am, loading up the van, driving 50 miles to a field, pay £25+, unload van, display everything, (all the while checking the sky for the inevitable rain clouds), watch as people walk straight passed your stall, explain to someone that "no that isn't overpriced that is the normal price for those", barter with someone else who wants it for less than half-price as they've seen one on Ebay, wonder how the person on the stall opposite has been selling all day, finally sell a few bits myself, starts to rain, all punters disappear, pack up everything, drive back 50 miles, unload van, relocate boxes around house so I don't trip over them, tot up the final tally and find you've made £50, minus stall money, minus petrol money, convince myself that could still technically be a profit, then remember on the way to the loo you spent £25 on something you thought you could make a profit on one day, so actually the day is big loss and, well, lets face it, a bit of a waste of time.

Hmm, gets you thinking doesn't it!!!!

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