Monday, 11 November 2019


Once more we have reached the 11th of November ...

And once more we have witnessed the sight of royals, religious leaders and politicians being first in line BEFORE any veteran.
I would love to know why all the media lead every story of Remembrance with a reference to a royal family member.

I used to always be at London's Cenotaph on this day, but today I was at the Isle of Portland's own Cenotaph this morning at 11am, and there were barely 15 people there.
But it felt so much more dignified and poignant than having to dodge security guarding our 'heroic' political leaders.

This is why I love the poet Siegfried Sassoon, who's irony, cynicism, suspicion of those who rule, and direct experience of horrific combat, makes him one of the leading voices of the First World War.

Please check out his incredible poems.
Like this one ...


In red and gold the Corps-Commander stood,
With ribboned breast puffed out for all to see:
He'd sworn to beat the Germans, if he could;
For God had taught him strength and strategy.
He was our leader, and a judge of Port –
Rode well the hounds, and was a damned good sort.

'Eyes right!' We passed him with a jaunty stare.
'Eyes front!' He'd watched his trusted legions go.
I wonder if he guessed how many there
Would get knocked out of time in next week's show.
'Eyes right!' The corpse-commander was a Mute;
And Death leered round him, taking our salute.

©Siegfried Sassoon 25 December 1916

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