Sunday, 17 November 2019


Next up for me is the Vintage Somerset Fair in the wonderful city of Wells, on Saturday 23rd November!!

Just one of the groovy things I'll be bringing along are these unusual 1960s Italian 7" singles.

I've never come across Italian records before, so that alone makes them stand out for me.
But they also manage to be gloriously cheesy, but somehow amazingly cool, at the same time!!!

Think of that jaunty French 'chanson' style stuff, and you pretty much have what they sound like.
Only in Italian of course ...

This one features the iconic Lambretta scooters. which could make it a leftfield collector's item for any scooter or Mod fan??!

All the singles are from 1962, apart the splendidly named Marino Marini, which is from 1957.

If you fancy this slice of Italian formaggio, then scoot along to this Saturday's Vintage Somerset Fair and find them on my stall!!!

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