Friday, 31 May 2019


ArtPix and Arcane Publishing are having a staff outing to London tomorrow, chiefly to see a bit of old-skool Industrial mayhem in the shape of two magnificent bands Pig and Cubanate.

We'll also have a gander around a few old haunts, like seeing how much more Camden Market has been ruined!!
Until 2 years ago I worked about 10 minutes from there, and could see the steady decline of its greatness at first hand, including all those mysterious 'fires' that used to happen just where property developers had earlier been sniffing around!!!!

Will be fantastic to see Pig again, having only seen them once, supporting Nine Inch Nails in 1994!!!
I was a huge fan of Cubanate when they were alive and kicking throughout the 90s as well, and saw them at many different venues around London. I've missed there unique sound, fury and bite ever since.

The Alternative scene is struggling a bit these days, especially with more and more venues closing, so it will be great to support these brilliant musicians, who deserve so much more credit and limelight than the total dross in the mainstream. 

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