Tuesday, 21 May 2019


Check this out ...

It absolutely screams 1950s doesn't it?!!

What a fantastic design!

The wonderful curved shape of the dish ...
The striking fern motifs ... 
The subtle use of just the two colours of red and black ...
The very 1950s red dots border ...
The amazing 'Atomic' feet!!

I couldn't believe it when I saw it recently on a stall at a vintage fair, and then I couldn't believe it when the trader said it looked SO 1960s!!!!

It was made by the famous ceramics company Wade, with the design simply called 'Fern'.

I was really surprised, as you normally associate the company with their Wade Whimsies, the slightly odd-looking animals, which they churned out for ages. 
I didn't know they made such stylish pieces like this dish, which would have been super-fashionable at the time it was produced.

As with many pieces I buy, I would love to keep it, but business is business, so some lucky person will have the chance to own it!
Starting this Sunday at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET!!
See you down there if you can't resist this fabulous Fifties dish!

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