Thursday, 26 July 2018


My ears are still ringing after an immense MINISTRY gig in Bristol last night!!!!

Was so good to see them again, singer Uncle Al Jourgensen conducting the mayhem, with their astonishing sound and a set that had just the right amount of new songs and oldies.

The classics like N.W.O.Just One Fix and Thieves are songs seared into my DNA, and with their new material just as good, keeps them as a devastating live band.

Al Jourgensen in mid-mayhem mode!

Now joined by other bandmates.

And by the Anti-Fascist/Trump Chicken, obviously. No gig is complete without one.

Also had a wander around Bristol beforehand, and got a really good vibe from the place.

Had never been before. 
And after swiftly avoiding the scarily corporate shopping malls, found some really interesting bits.
Loved mooching around the St Nicholas Market, where there were record shops galore and gig posters stuck all over the place, love it!
And the to-die-for vintage shop Rag & Bones, what amazing stuff they have in there!
Spent ages looking at everything and buying some wonderful individual plastic letters to spell out 'Matt ArtPix Vintage & Retro'!

The harbour and quay sides are worth a look as well. Even though the plague of modern flats has invaded most of it, you can still get a sense of the history of the place. Especially with the glorious Brunel ship, SS Britain nearby.

I now really want to go back and take photos of all the interesting buildings everywhere. One particular favourite was the insane Art Nouveau building built by Edward Everard. And the heartbreaking, but also uplifting, St Peter's Church that was devastated by bombing in 1940, still standing proudly in the middle of the city.

The unbelievable Edward Everard Printing Works, built around 1900.

I loved this mixture of buildings, an old church spire, with 60s block covered in street art. A great example of why I want to go back to Bristol!

My next event now is this Sunday, at the BRIDPORT VINTAGE MARKET, situated in the St Michael's Trading Estate in the brilliant town of Bridport in Dorset.
But hang on a minute, can you believe it, rain is forecast, so I'll have to keep you posted on what the score is with this one!!!!!

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