Thursday, 1 October 2015


Hi folks!

Had a cracking time in Dorset, stocking up the unit at The Customs House and getting a bit of walkies done.

And as promised we made it to the fantastically named Hell Lane!

Just round the corner from the iconic Colmer's Hill near Bridport, is the lovely village of Symondsbury. If you walk passed the hill and carry on heading west, you enter the incredible holloway of Hell Lane. These holloways are ancient pathways and roads that have literally sunk into the ground from hundreds of years of use.

They are fascinating places, with an air of mystery and history swirling around. You can hide away from the world as they are usually covered in trees and foliage. And Hell Lane is easily the best one I've been to. It starts as a normal holloway with a single track road, then the further you go in, the more impressive it becomes. It gets deeper and deeper to look like a huge cavern, with the walls covered in strange faces and carvings. It gradually levels out again and if you turn back on yourself at a tiny crossroads you get a stunning view of Colmer's Hill, perfectly framed by the overhanging trees.

A wonderful place!

Also spent time at my unit at The Customs House in West Bay. Tidied up and did a bit of dusting, then added some more exciting vintage items and a new pile of Retro Football Packages. So get down there now and check it all out, then if you are feeling daring, go up to Hell Lane!!!

Here are a few piccies of the lane and the new stock....

The start of Hell Lane, with the single track road.

Then it becomes this amazing cavern like place.

Trees are bent into crazy shapes to get to the light.

Strange faces are carved into the sides of the lane.

This one looks like a medieval stone carving.

Then at the top, this perfect view of the stunning Colmer's Hill.

Great to see it from this unusual angle, and bathed in glorious Autumn sunshine.

I've plonked a huge pile of brilliant Beano comics in the unit!

And some classic Commando comics from the 70s.

This is a close-up view of St Helier from a 1950s map of Jersey.

Stunning 1904 Bartholomew's map of Liverpool and Manchester.

Super Soccer Star magazines from the 60s!

A lovely selection of vintage tins, ranging from the 20s to the 50s.

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