Sunday, 4 October 2015


Had the very great pleasure to see PIL at the Shepherd's Bush Empire last Friday.

To anyone who is a serious music fan, it was one of those gigs you just can't miss.
It would be impossible for me to explain, without rambling on for hours, the importance of John Lydon and his band PIL. 

It's an awful shame people still today associate Lydon with his Pistols days, his work with PIL far outstrips anything Punk could have possibly achieved. His experimental, dub driven, jittery sound was a massive influence on anyone interested in finding the other side of the musical coin.

And there in London we witnessed another special night, Lydon as always the mischievous and independent spirit. Too many amazing moments to mention, but Warrior, Religion and Rise were titanic.  Public Image still has a rawness and freshness, and is for me, the one song that symbolises the moment alternative music's sound changed forever. A shame the Empire's sound system could barely cope with the massive, throbbing bass throughout the night!!

For anyone still unsure who or what PIL are about, go and check them out on YouTube!!!!
Either this or some of their early performances. I recommend watching them on Top of the Pops doing Death Disco in 1979 and some footage of a staggering version of Careering from the TV programme Old Grey Whistle Test in 1980. Lydon just looks so calm, knowing that his band is producing an incredible sound and that he is leaving Punk far, far behind. 

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