Sunday, 9 August 2015


The unit at The Customs House in West Bay is now all set up!!!

After an epic 9 hour journey down to Dorset, that included the worst queues I've ever seen on the A303 and an overheated and smoking van, we collapsed at our favourite B&B overlooking Chesil Beach!

The next morning we began the task of hauling all our boxes and furniture up the stairs onto the 2nd floor of the gorgeous old building.

After a lot of unpacking and deciding what goes where, everything is now in place and awaiting some eager customers!!!

Here is rather a lot of pictures to show you our set-up!

Finally arrived at wonderful West Bay!

The ArtPix Battlebus, that didn't like the lengthy queues on the A303!!

The side entrance to The Customs House.

Open 7 days a week, so no excuses for not visiting!!

A novel way to get to The Customs House!

There is lovely stuff everywhere you look.

This is the fantastic café.

Lots of pooches hang out here!

Here we are at the amazing 200-year-old building.

Which is an unusual L-shape.

At the top of the stairs, looking over at the amazing place!

Gulp, now to unload all the boxes!!

Phew, all done at last!!

This is Bertie, who this season is wearing a classic Paisley shirt!

And introducing Gertie, who is also looking after the unit with Bertie!

Managed to pack in loads of my stuff.

Here are the retro cards!

And my popular Retro Decade Packages!

My fantastic French suitcase filled with loads of vintage stuff!

And here is the amazing Arcane Publishing bit of the unit!

Carya Gish's two published novels are on sale.

Handy information boards, giving you the rundown of all the books available.

Superb selection of new and exciting literature on offer, including books by Joolz Denby, Steve Pottinger and Carl Stanley.

And not forgetting Arcane's excellent range of vintage and hard to find books.

Word has quickly got out of our arrival in West Bay!!

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