Saturday, 15 August 2015


Take a peep at these fantastic retro biscuit tins from Huntley & Palmers....

The legendary biscuit bakers have been around since 1822, and have a fine tradition of tasty biccies and even tastiest tin designs! Over the years their hallmark has been for innovative and colourful containers for their wares.

These two are a tiny example, and show bright and inviting tins to tempt you!
I love the rich purple of the first tin with the fabulous illustration of the cocktail drinks in the corner. It dates from around the early 1960s, possibly even back into the 50s.

The vibrant red tin is from 1970, where your cocktail party would have been enhanced by this savoury selection!

Of course, now you wouldn't want to store your biccies in them, but they have both become very handy little storage tins!

Anything like spare change, loose buttons and bits of string can be kept together in there. Or perhaps something a little bit more exciting, like a collection of vintage cigarette cards or postcards!

And lucky you, they are both available to buy in my unit at The Customs House!!!
Pop along now to the 2nd floor of the 200-year-old building in West Bay, Dorset right now!!

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