Monday, 8 December 2014


Wow, what a day I had at the Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair yesterday!!

After setting up the stall on the Saturday, we arrived ready for action at 7-30am on Sunday!
The vast hall was a hive of activity at that time, with some frantic last minute preparations and adjustments to stalls!

We had a great day and all the hard work was worth it. Sold lots of different vintage things throughout the day and a lot of my designs went as well, which is always great for me.

My favourite moment of the day was undoubtedly selling a 1950s Atom Coat Rack to an ex-Chelsea manager!!! Not everyone can say they've done that...!

That was the last fair of 2014 for me, but there are already lots of plans for next year. A regular pitch at Old Spitalfields Market is one of the things on the list after some very successful fairs there this year.
So stay tuned here for more exciting news!!

The fabulous Ally Pally bathed in winter sunlight.

The gigantic hall, looking towards the Rose Window.

Had a huge double-stall to display everything.

Just some of the goodies on sale!

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