Saturday, 15 November 2014


My favourite vintage magazine of all time is PICTURE POST!
So this week I was very pleased to acquire a fantastic stash of them from the 1940s.

The magazine started in 1938 and ran until 1957, and during that time set the standards of photojournalism and pushed its boundaries to the very limits.

Highly vocal on social and national issues it never pulled any punches. Its finest hour came during the War, when again it asked the questions that needed asking and provided its readers with a vital record of what was going on, whilst also providing relief from the stress of life in wartime.

The reader's letters are always probing, knowledgeable and entertaining, giving the impression that its readers were an intelligent bunch as well! And of course, as with all vintage magazines, the adverts are fantastic!

If you ever find any at a vintage fair or shop, do buy one and have a read!

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