Sunday, 11 May 2014


Have some very exciting news for you!

There is a tiny feature on me in the latest issue of V and Oak magazine!!!

Buy this amazing magazine now, it really is 'Vintage and One of a Kind'! It is being sold in Harrods and Selfridges and in newsagents throughout central London and in various cities around the country.

Lucky for me, I'm on page 13, where you find a pictures of two of my Southend Decades Postcards.
A nice pic of 1960s Southend and a smaller one of the 1910s.

Matt ArtPix is on page 13!!

Also, I've got an advert on page 89 alongside the splendid Arcane Publishing!

Lovely adverts of yours truly and Arcane Publishing!

I'm immensely proud to say that there is also a FULL PAGE feature on my partner in crime CARYA GISH on page 186!!
A lovely review of her first novel 'I AM A MUSE', all very exciting!!

Fabulous feature on Carya Gish!!

Check out the V and Oak website HERE

And this is the amazing list of stockists HERE

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