Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Next up in my series is the 1940s!!!

I managed to find a 40s postcard of Southend from the wonderful Pleasures of Past Times down in Cecil Court in London the other day. So I've finally been able to finish this one off!

Anyone with a passing knowledge of 40s fashions will spot the amazing hairstyles and dresses of the times, found in the gorgeous illustrations taken from original magazines and sheet music.

A Spitfire flying over reminds us the 40s were a dark time for everyone as well, and I've included original World War 2 ARP and WVS Civil Defence badges to symbolise the Home Front.

WW2 badges from the ArtPix Archives, the ARP badge was designed by Eric Gill, the designer, font creater and sculptor extraordinaire!

Managed to sneak in a couple of programmes from the old Regal Theatre in Southend and my favourite item, a Picture Post. This magazine was a real find for me a few years ago from Covent Garden, as it has people at Southend on the cover and a great feature inside. Dated August 11th 1945, it tells how Southend is enjoying its first Post-War summer.

Great programme from 1948.

Fantastic cover of 1945, from my favourite vintage magazine, Picture Post.

Lovely illustration from 1942 of a thoughtful girl pondering over her clothing coupons!
Here she features on my I LOVE 1940s design.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this postcard, I really only have the 1900s to finish off now. If I can get a 1980s postcard I'll do that one as well!

Have a sneak at the whole series so far on my website HERE

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