Wednesday 17 July 2013


Have been to so many events recently, that I thought it would be easier to show you loads in one go!!

From Ipswich, Maldon, the top of a church, Chalkwell and back to Maldon.......

First up is a great day I had at the SECRET VINTAGE FAIR at the wonderful Masonic Hall in Ipswich. An amazing building and another great find by the SECRET VINTAGE team...

The stunning Masonic Hall in Ipswich.

Fantastic Masonic symbol as a stained glass window.

A quick sneak at another packed stall!

This Pooch of the Day was the star of the show!

On the day of the Leigh Folk Festival, St Mary's Church, at the top of the Leigh Hill, opened up the tower for visitors. We couldn't resist a peep, so after about 100 steps up a very narrow staircase, we saw absolutely stunning views across the whole of Southend and beyond. We were told that you can even see the Telecom Tower and Centre Point in central London on a very, very clear day! Twas a little hazy looking towards the Big Smoke for us unfortunately!

View from St Mary's Church, looking out towards Southend and the Kent coast.

Next up was the CLASSIC CAR SHOW at Maldon. Had an amazing day, in full sun the whole day, PHEW!!! It was even hot when we arrived to set up at 8am! A huge array of classic motors were there, around 1,000 on the day. Had great fun wandering around looking at them.

Full sun on the stall that day, with my very own 'vintage' car in the background!!

A fine example of a Jaguar.

Yum, yum! A good enough to eat Chevrolet!

Mr Bond was there in his classic motor!

A 1920s Jowett, in a stunning blue!

Couldn't resist this amazing 70s Ford Escort Mexico, it was even for sale, gulp!

Had another great day at the splendid VILLAGE GREEN at Chalkwell Park. This event gets better every year. Even the weather there gets better every year!! A massive range of things to do and see as always. From innovative bands, great art and the White Bus tent showing Scooby Doo and Top Cat cartoons, COOL!!!!

Already packed and it was only about 12pm!

The explosive Mika Bomb got the ball rolling with their spiky punk tunes.

One man and his two dogs watched the brilliant Fashoda Crisis. who absolutely rocked!

Inside Chalkwell Hall was an amazing array of artworks, mostly from local schoolchildren, loved this collage!

Perhaps Contraption and their impressive line-up of instruments. They supported Amanda Palmer two days later, wow!!

Finally it was back to Maldon, to the CLASSIC CAMPER VAN, VINTAGE FAIR & STEAM DAY, at the Langford Museum of Power. This time visiting as punters, nice to wander around without thinking about the stall! Had a great day there at a very interesting place. Not only were there some fantastic camper vans and stalls to look at, but huge Steampunk style machines and engines, all in perfect working order.

Fell in love with this gorgeous Bedford van!

Immaculate VW van, Cornwall here we come!

Glorious Steampunk styling on this contraption!

The huge pumping machine, that is still in working order.

Still no idea what on earth this is, best not to ask.......!

This lovely steam powered engine is from 1900, what a beauty!

Well that's all folks, will keep you updated on my further adventures!

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