Wednesday, 10 July 2013


After my manic three weekends in a row of fairs, I finally have a little break, until.......

July 28th.......

Where I'll be at BOBBY'S GIRL VINTAGE, RETRO & HANDMADE FAIR at the Marconi Club in Chelmsford!

After great fairs at Hedingham Castle, Ipswich and Maldon, this will be another new fair and a new venue for me, so I'm really looking forward to this!!

I'm very pleased that my new designs have been popular at these fairs, so I'm doubling my efforts to produce some more new things!!! I keep finding amazing new vintage items, so tonnes more scanning to do!!
I'm nearly ready to start on a fantastic new edition to my DAZZLING DECADES series.
I've also collected together enough material to do another Premier League football club for the RETRO FOOTBALL series and I've started some new SEASIDE designs featuring old postcards and vintage pictures, so stay tuned!!!

Right, back to the scanning now..............!!

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