Thursday 13 June 2013


I'm delighted to unveil a brand new collage I've just finished of 1940s Spanish film posters!

These fabulous posters are the latest amazing discovery I've found on my travels! One of the advantages of working in London is being able to pop along to the antiques market at Covent Garden at lunchtime! This is where I found this superb collection.

They're actually postcard size individual posters printed on fairly flimsy paper and were presumably distributed at cinemas as flyers for forthcoming films. So after much scanning and tidying up in Photoshop, I'm able to show these rare posters as a colourful collage.

As you can see they are mostly Hollywood movies, with the title translated into Spanish, with a couple of Spanish movies as well. A bit of translating and dating has revealed that they date from between 1940 and 1948.

Simply called Dragonwyck in Hollywood, the Spanish added a Castillo!

My favourite is the beautiful El Castillo de Dragonwyck poster, but have a look around the collage and see how many famous names you can spot. Most famous of all is Laurence Olivier, who starred alongside Greer Garson in Mas Fuerte que el Orgullo. For those who don't speak Spanish, that's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!

Fantastic poster of 1940 film Pride and Prejudice.

Others include, The Iron Curtain (El Telon de Acero), Green Dolphin Street (La Calle del Delfin Verde), the fantastic poster of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Bing Crosby pops up in Going My Way (Siguiendo mi Camino) from 1944.

One of the Spanish movies, La Ultima Falla starring Miguel Ligero!

The backs of the posters also revealed interesting things, sometimes the exact date of the screening and the theatre or cinema where the film was shown, which gives you a real sense of the era.
I was so pleased to find these rare and unique items, so I hope you enjoy this collage as well.

Back of the Bing Crosby movie poster Going My Way, now showing at the Teatro de Ribadeo!

I'll be making these into A3 foamboards and fridge magnets and may do a couple as frames, so you'd better run along to the A VINTAGE AFFAIR at Hedingham Castle on Sunday 23rd June, where I'll have stand selling them!!!!
Keep in touch for more details of the fair right here...

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