Wednesday 5 June 2013


Yes that's right, BEATLEMANIA is here again!!!

A special treat for fans of the 60s icons THE BEATLES, here is a brand new collage....

I was lent this superb collection of Beatles memorabilia by my sister. After scanning the mint condition items I've produced a glowing tribute to this hugely popular band.
Most of the items are from their earlier days, going up to around 1966, and they include many hard to find and unusual pieces.

There are several fan club items, including the famous Christmas records, membership card, newsletters and a black and white print that is now worth a tidy sum!

Several booklets are featured, such as the Beatles in America and the Songbook and also the Beatle magazine and chewing gum cards. My favourite item has to be the concert programme with the cartoon characters of the band playing!

I hope you enjoy this nostalgic look back to the 1960s and this truly revolutionary band.

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