Saturday, 26 March 2011


Just back from the HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR at Leigh-on-Sea, and what a show!!!

Had a fantastic time and met lots of great people again.
Thank you for all the positive feedback and thank you to all those people who bought things, what great taste you have!!!

Pleased to say my new range of cards were a great success! The Dazzling Decades proved very popular as well, with lots of interest, everyone had a close look at them to see what was on there!

My bestsellers, the Retro Football series, were again very popular, I will be adding to the list of teams featured very soon.
In fact I actually made record profits today as well, hooray!!!!

Here are a few piccies to show you the stall and all the things I was selling today!

The stall is set up, and here are some of my new cards.
This is me showing some subtle advertising techniques!
Ding Dong Man, see here amongst the Retro Football collection!
Can just make out the Dazzling Decades, with Dan Dare lurking in the background!
Mavis was again on hand dishing out the sweets and cards!
Some more of my 60s inspired cards and pictures.
Thanks for dropping in! Won't you call again soon?

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