Thursday, 24 March 2011


As promised, here is a sneak preview of some of my brand new cards...

I'm sure you will notice there is a distinctly 1960s feel to them!!
I've managed to get hold of some amazingly groovy 60s items just recently in London and knew they would be perfect for a bit of retro tomfoolery!!

I've also started a new range of Classic Footballers of the era, starting here with the one and only George Best.

But if the Swinging Sixties aren't your thing, don't despair, I have cards with a 30s, 40s and 50s twist!

So here goes with our little show.........

Enjoy those 60s fashions!
I just the love the hat!
Ding dong! This gentleman was from a 60s French knitting magazine.
London of the Swinging Sixties.
Classic Verner Panton pattern accompanies this groovy lady.
George Best introduces the Classic Footballer card range.
As promised, here is a slightly better dressed partygoer from the 1940s!

So if you fancy one of these cards come and see me at the HANDMADE AND VINTAGE FAIR at Leigh-on-Sea Community Centre on Saturday 26th March.

Admission is FREE !!!!

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