Friday, 9 July 2021


Absolutely loving reading this book about Alex Paterson of The Orb, and his incredible musical and personal journey.

Anyone who knows anything about music must surely have come across The Orb at some point.

I first heard them by chance on John Peel with the incredible A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld, must have been late 1989, early 1990(?), and quickly getting a tape out to record it!!!

From that moment I was hooked ...


From creating the genre of Ambient House, Alex, and his many contributors, have since made some of the most amazing and original music ever produced.

The book, written by music journalist, friend and collaborator, Kris Needs charts this complex story, and is handily filling in all the gaps from Alex's career. 

From half-remembered interviews and things I thought I knew about, I'm now getting the full story of such things as Alex's long-term connection with Killing Joke, what happened with Jimmy Cauty of the KLF, his many projects with Youth, and how he met up and connected with Thomas Fehlmann, plus much, much more!

Kris Needs' astonishing knowledge of music is proving one of the highlights of the book as well, he is also able to pinpoint many, if not all, of Alex's huge amount of samples that are used to create The Orb's music.


Orb is the ultimate chill out music, but can also be laced with huge lashings of thumping beats, and very British humour.

Buy this book and have your own adventures beyond the Ultraworld ...


I also got a CD with my book, and it was signed by Alex. Enjoy!!! 


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