Wednesday, 28 April 2021


Has been a while since I've updated on all things ARTPIX.

Things are slowly starting up again after lockdown, which is brilliant.

I've been able to source new stock from further afield, in the ever-hopeful thought that I might actually be able to sell things at vintage markets!!

Looks like my first market will be the Giant Shepton Flea, which is pencilled in for 30th May.

Fingers crossed for that!!

As the boot fairs are already up and running, I'll be selling for the first time this year on Sunday, at the Axminster Boot Fair over in Devon. Good to clear some space in the ArtPix Storeroom!

My unit at The Customs House in West Bay is flying again, having reopened a couple of weeks ago.

That is fully stocked with wonderful vintage goodies, and an extensive range of retro football stuff, including my own unique designs.


I'm working away on various restorations and upcycling projects ...

One of them is an amazing early 1920s Dulcephone gramophone player. This beautiful object had bizarrely had its base painted white, the metal parts spray-painted bronze, with the speaker painted silver.

I'm still meticulously stripping this all away! The speaker is already revealing its incredible original green, blue and turquoise colours.

The second issue of my ARTPIX MAGAZINE is still happening, but after the usual total loss of confidence and drive, is still waiting to be finished. 

Ironic when you think for years and years I designed magazines at breakneck speed on very tight deadlines for a living!!!

And don't forget I'm selling a huge range of vintage items via the Facebook Marketplace.

Just search Matt ArtPix and see what there is!


More updates and news to come, keep in touch!!

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