Wednesday, 24 June 2020


We are now passed the Summer Solstice and halfway through 2020!

Not been a great year has it??!!

But things are starting to happen and reopen.

First of all The Customs House in West Bay, Dorset, has been open for over a week now.
I'm pleased to say my unit there has picked up from where it left off, and sales have been great.
At last some money coming into the ArtPix coffers!!

So pop down there if you can, and pick up some vintage treasures, and also my own designs.

There are rumblings of various markets and boot fairs kicking off again, so stay tuned for more news of those. 
It will all be a bit of a minefield as to how they will be able to operate, but it will be a massive boost to me if they can start again.

And finally ....  
News of my long-awaited new venture, the ARTPIX digital magazine!!!

I've finished all the design and text, and I've just handed over the pdfs to my in-house proofreader Carya Gish of Arcane Publishing!!
She's very kindly assisting me on this project, and will take time out from writing her third novel, The Right Place, to read through it all and correct the many mistakes I've probably made!

The magazine started out as a possible 16-pager, but has ended up being a whopping 44 pages!

Below is a sneak preview of ARTPIX magazine's first cover. It shows a Picture Post, as there is an 8-page feature on the classic vintage magazine ...

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