Wednesday, 27 May 2020


A few years ago I came up with the idea of creating my own digital magazine, but as I was still working full-time in London, it was a bit of an impossible dream ...

However, a lot has changed since!!

Especially now we are in lockdown (well, supposed to be ...)!

And, inspired by the magnificent Grayson Perry, and his Art Club programme on Channel 4, I decided to revisit my original idea.

So the ARTPIX magazine is back on!!!

It will have the theme of vintage throughout, with bits of my own work, and many vintage items and topics featured.

Have spent the last week on it now, and have come up with loads of designs and layout ideas.
I've also sorted out my page plan, and it works out as an 18-pager so far, but that could change!

I've finished designing most of the feature heads already, and I think I've finally decided on the magazine's logo style, although there are a few ideas to choose from ...

Things are happening fast, but I still need to write it!
I'm already Designer, Picture Researcher, Artist and Editor, but I'll also have to be the Marketing and IT Departments as well.
Fortunately I spent years and years in publishing designing magazines, so I should be ok!!

Hopefully I can keep you all up-to-date with how everything is going, and then finally announce my 'publishing date' ...

Have to stop now, as I have an Editorial Meeting with myself ...

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