Sunday, 19 April 2020


The latest ArtPix Project is this one-off special of a footballing icon ...

A table decorated with vintage copies of the classic Roy of the Rovers comic!

I've used the colours of his team ... the red and yellow of the mighty Melchester Rovers!

If you aren't familiar with this story then read on ...

Roy of the Rovers is a unique phenomenon, the fictitious story of a footballer that just kept on running and running. 

Roy Race was the star striker for Melchester Rovers, in a made-up world of teams and players, and was so famous that he became part of the English language.

Sometimes the storylines and scenarios were so improbable – usually with our Roy scoring a last-minute Cup-winning goal – that when such an event occurred in the real game of football, the media would call it 'REAL ROY OF THE ROVERS STUFF' !!

Roy first started out in 1954, making his debut in Tiger comic, as just another cartoon strip. 
But he soon became a hero to many a kid, and in 1976 he finally won promotion, getting his very own comic, (some of which I've used on the table), that ran until 1993.

After various transfers and dramas, he's actually still going today, revamped as a 16-year-old footballer in graphic novels!!

But if you like the traditional Roy, then you'll love this table!

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