Thursday, 28 February 2019


Got here for your perusal some items from the iconic, and completely mad, 1960s animated TV programme The Magic Roundabout ...

A cool little 15-piece jigsaw from 1967, which admittedly isn't the hardest puzzle you'll ever do, but still a nice original item from the series!

A brilliant book, also from 1967, featuring two of the characters, Dougal and 'the cheeky rabbit' Dylan, who was always either about to fall asleep, or asleep.

And an annual from the last year the programme was originally broadcast, 1977.

The bonkers animation is a cult classic, partially due to some weird conspiracy theories of drug references and rudeness about the French!! Unfortunately most of them aren't true.

The show was first created in France in 1963, with the title, The Manege Enchanté, and when the BBC were offered it, they thought it would be impossible to translate into English.
So they gave the whole lot of films to actress Emma Thompson's Dad, Eric, to have a look at, he watched them all, and came up with his own storylines, often completely different to the original French ones.

The whole thing is still crackers though!

So if you are fan of Dougal, Zebedee, Brian, Ermintrude and the rest then rush along to this Saturday's VINTAGE SOMERSET FAIR at Wells Town Hall in the beautiful city of Wells and find them on my stall!!


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