Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Anyone watching the BBC drama of John le Carré's book The Little Drummer Girl?
Well, for any retro fans out there this is a right old retro treat!!!

Set in the late 70s, possibly very early 80s, there are loads of carefully chosen and exquisite retro pieces decorating each scene. 
Gorgeous tables, lamps, homeware and then of course the clothes and the cars!!

But then in one scene in Episode 2, there was a strange sight ...

A fantastic Art Deco Shelley tea set!!!

What an odd thing to plonk in a scene set in 1970s West Berlin, some very English ceramics from the 1930s.

It did actually look a bit out of place, but I was so pleased to see it, as I've got exactly the same cup and saucer. Here it is below ...

And they have a precious teapot, which must be worth a fortune. I was too scared to watch, just in case one of the actors broke something!

So watch this scene and play the Deco Detective!

© All pix are copyright BBC.

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