Sunday, 3 September 2017


I recently acquired this rather striking painting.
Little did I know that it would open up a whole new world I never knew existed ...

Black Velvet Art is exactly what it says on the tin ... images painted onto black velvet material.

The idea was that it enhanced the brightest colours on the rich, dark background and boosted the overall dramatic effect.

It appears that Mexico in the 1970s was a particular hotspot for it, and the tourist industry in America lapped it up.

I love the unusual quality and texture this painting has. Its got a very 60s/70s feel to it and the quirkiness is extended by placing it in a dark, antique frame which would've been at odds with the times it was painted in.

Although this picture doesn't especially look it, a quick look online revealed that Black Velvet Art is very much ensconced in the world of 'KITSCH'!

The genre is famous for, and often looked down upon, for its incredibly cheesy subject-matter. 

Really badly done portraits of Elvis Presley, semi-naked women and for some reason, unicorns are popular themes!!!

I guess that could mean, at any time in the future, someone, somewhere in the media/art/hipster world will decide Black Velvet Art is THE next essential, ironic must-have item.

So watch this space!!!

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