Wednesday, 5 April 2017


On a recent jaunt to an antique shop I found this small and unassuming little envelope...

It's a 1930s Kodak envelope that would contain negatives, and I absolutely love the fantastic Art Deco design!
Not only does it have a gorgeous illustration, it has classic Deco black borders that gives it a touch of class. Just look at the geometric shapes on the back cover of the envelope!

So then I wondered who PERCY S. SMITH was.
A tiny meander online found a few references to our intrepid and mysterious photographer from Bridport.

He gets a mention in Kelly's Directory from 1935...
'Photographic artist, children's portraits a study; Kodak & all amateur supplies; picture frame maker'

There is a shot of East Street in the 1930s, from the famous Francis Frith, where you can just about see his shop.

From The Francis Frith Collection website:

The other is a brilliantly playful photographic montage.

This pic was found here:

I love the thought of Percy, getting slightly bored of developing endless holiday snaps and taking pictures of kids in his West Dorset Studio, doing a bit of surrealist photography. It says he was a 'photographic artist', so I just wonder if he was a secret fan of Man Ray?!

I also hope Daisy, who this negatives envelope belonged to, was pleased with her 7 prints she ordered from our Percy.

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