Sunday 10 July 2016


Still buzzing from a fabulous set by STEREO MCs!!

The hip-hop electronic legends were down in Chalkwell in Essex to get everyone grooving. I'd been looking forward to seeing them ever since I saw the line-up for this year's Village Green festival. Hadn't seen them play live since 1993!!!

And they didn't disappoint. The eclectic crowd were really up for it as well, creating a great vibe. The sight of seeing tiny kids on dad's shoulders, dancing away with huge smiles on their faces, during the set was just brilliant! 

Veteran singer Rob Birch bounced around the stage and added energy to their classy and perfectly crafted tunes. With the energetic dancers and percussion, you can't stop yourself getting carried away with it all.

We should celebrate these bands more, we Brits have a good habit of producing people who create original and groundbreaking music and are able to sustain careers lasting decades. The MCs have carried on after their huge success in the 90s, to bubble along in the underground, starting labels, collaborating and staying true to their beliefs.

Go and see them if you can and get CONNECTED!

* There appears to be a little mystery concerning the apostrophe in their name, sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't!! So I've copied their logo type for the photos and not put it in on the text, just to confuse you even more!

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