Saturday, 18 June 2016


Here we have my new little tribute to one of London's forgotten icons....

Lots Road Power Station

This gem has been left behind in history to its more glamorous sister up the river at Battersea.
It was actually there before her though, having first powered up in 1905. It did sterling service down by the river at Chelsea for the next 97 years, providing electricity to the London Underground network.

So although it has closed down, it still provides a tangible link to Chelsea's past. A stone's throw from the fashion-conscious King's Road, it was a world away from the riches and the famous faces, a rough and ready area of workers houses and pubs.

But hurry up and check it all out as work has already started on turning it into flats. Yep, here we go again, like Battersea the area will soon disappear into bland, shiny towers and soulless streets. The power station is now a shell and will soon lose all its identity as the money talks.

For now though, here she is......

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