Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Had a journey into an alien world, down in the Dorset village of Charmouth, with strange colours and mysterious rocks!

This part of the world famous Jurassic Coast has very crumbly cliffs, which makes it very popular with fossil hunters. Mary Anning, who discovered many dinosaur bones along the Dorset coast in the 19th century, vastly advancing our knowledge of prehistoric life, was very fond of scrambling around here.

Windswept beach at Charmouth.

It also looks like an alien landscape. The cliffs are a dark grey, almost black colour and the sand is a strange orange. On this day, there was a grey sky and driving rain, so the only colours visible were grey and orange.

The shape-shifting grey cliffs!

The cliffs are oozing water through them and are constantly moving. There had been a huge landslide which, alongside the massive grey boulders strewn across the beach, only added to the unearthly quality of the place.

The strange coloured sand and the dark grey stones on the beach.

A closer inspection of the alien-like landscape!

The sea has moulded the rocks into unusual textures.

Amazing crystals inside one of the broken rocks.

Rainwater trickling down through the cliffs and onto the beach has created a fascinating metallic-like pattern on the sand.

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