Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hi folks!
Here is a round up of all things happening in the ArtPix World...

I'm currently working on a brand new collage. 
I absolutely love creating surreal designs using vintage items I've found along the way and my own photographs. I've dug out some photos of the fantastic city of Prague I took a few years ago. I'd forgotten how amazing the architecture is there, a mash up of styles that reflects the history of the place.

Solid Eastern European architecture next to cheesy modern advert!

Petrin Observation Tower in Prague, that also features in my new collage.

Great 1950s Swiss skiing resort leaflet.

Lee Miller: A Woman's War exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.
A must see show of the iconic photographer, who led an extraordinary life. Focusing on her work during the Second World War, she went from producing fashion photoshoots for the British version of Vogue, to gripping frontline photos from France as the Allies pushed back the Germans after D-Day. From harrowing experiences of seeing the concentration camps to nicking stuff from Eva Braun's flat, she literally ended up in Hitler's bath!

Lee Miller in Hitler's bath in Munich 1945. ©David E. Scherman

Exhibition poster, featuring Miller's photograph of Anna Leska, 
a Polish pilot in 1942.

To Killing Joke's staggering new album Pylon. 
Another titanic set of songs from the post-punk/industrial/metal legends, whose twisting and turning jagged anthems show a unabated and unique creativity. I also have the memories and ringing ears from their recent gig at the Camden Roundhouse, which was the best I'd seen of them in years, an unbelievable night!

The latest album from the mighty Killing Joke.

The much respected 1970s TV series Secret Army.
Which featured a resistance network rescuing Allied airmen in Second World War Brussels. I had vague recollections of the series as a child, particularly the amazing opening titles and chilling music. I remember it feeling very serious and had a certain darkness to it. Watching it back, I can now see how wonderful it was. Pulling no punches, it is often a moral maze of dilemmas, difficult decisions and downright bravery to all who were concerned. There is a refreshing evenhandedness towards the German characters and being based in Belgium, it tells the overlooked story of their resistance. The first series on BBC TV was a unheard of 16 episodes, which helped the whole story and characters develop. Would never happen now.

The complete set, all 43 episodes of it!

I'll be back in Dorset for a whole week, staying in the wonderful Burton Bradstock. 
I'll be checking up on my unit at The Customs House in West Bay and getting in plenty of walks, weather permitting of course!

My very own vintage tribute to Dorset!

I'll be back at ArtPix Towers soon, to start working on some exciting new projects, which include an online shop and an online magazine!! 

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