Friday, 17 July 2015


Had a cracking day at VILLAGE GREEN in Chalkwell Park, Southend last weekend!!

I've picked out my two favourite moments for you...

First up is THE SELECTER, the 2-Tone legends. They gave their usual upbeat, energetic, and also poignant performance. A band that still manages to cross over so many subcultures and bring everyone together. Pauline Black is easily one of the most important artists we have. Her style, attitude and opinion is something that should be celebrated more.

The wonderfully stylish Pauline Black.

Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson looking as cool as ever!

Pauline encouraging the huge crowd to join in!

The Selecter in full flight, with their impressive banner at the back!

Special mention to the coolest guitarist of the day – Will Crewdson! As well as Adam & the Ants, he also plays in the magnificent band Black Volition, along with his own projects Scant Regard and She Made Me Do It. Check him out!

After wandering around the park and enjoying all the wide variety of musicians and artists, we ended up in the far corner to the Idea13 Stage. There we discovered my 2nd favourite moment!

The absolutely stonking PRIMO NELSON!!!

An insane jazz-funk outfit, with loads of people on stage, some with massive blue heads, (you had to be there!!).
With just a hint of James Brown, Jamiroquai and any amount of 70s funk, they completely rocked the tiny stage. I loved it!!!

Amazing golden funky picture of Primo Nelson!

On the brilliantly sweaty Idea13 Stage, Primo Nelson in full swing. And yes, there are the massive blue heads!

Brilliantly moody shot amid the chaos.

Another cracking picture, this time of the amazing singers.

Thanks to CARYA GISH for all the lovely pictures!

For a more detailed look at some of the day's event, please take a look at Carya's blog HERE

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