Saturday, 11 April 2015


Had all the fun of the fair last weekend at the magnificent CARTERS STEAM FAIR!!!

They had steamed their way over to Chalkwell Park in sunny Southend, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to see it.

Having started in 1977, this family run business have accumulated a fabulous collection of vintage steam rides and vehicles. All have been meticulously restored and maintained to give a gorgeous glimpse into the past. 

The vivid colors and retro music add to the fantastic atmosphere this fair creates. There are little details everywhere you look, you could spend the whole day taking pix, which I nearly did!!

Here are a few....

There was an impressive poster campaign in Southend, they were everywhere!

Gorgeous trailer, what a way to travel!

Brilliant bashing machine, the Mighty Strikers!

This chap was bashing out classic tunes on his vintage joanna.

Lovely caravan!

WOW! They even had a Wall of Death!!

Amazing toy Austin cars.

Great to see this fun fair favourite, the Hook-a-Duck!

And of course the dodgems!

Fascinating steam powered Excelsior Steam Yachts, built in 1921.

The original engine still in perfect working order.

The kids are alright!

Meticulous paintings could be found in every corner!

Fantastic original Wall of Death motorbikes!

Full steam ahead on the Victory Dive Bomber!

The Jubilee Steam Gallopers ride was a magnificent sight.

Another classic fun fair attraction, the coconut shy!

We also spotted this cute guard dog!!

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