Friday, 23 January 2015


This Sunday we will be back in Dorset, but this time for something a little different...

The combined forces of Matt ArtPix and Arcane Publications are on a business trip to West Bay. There is an exciting new venture down there and we are booked in for a meeting on Monday morning!

So watch this space!!!

An excuse to show a pic of an amazing sunset at West Bay!

On our return I'll be back to work on all sorts of projects I've got on the go. One of them is an amazing book I've been asked to design and typeset. Also, I've finally finished hunting around and scanning images for my retro NEWCASTLE UNITED collage. And I've been finding suitable pictures of Dorset to work with after the success of my COLMER'S HILL artwork.

My photo/artwork of Colmer's Hill in Dorset, hopefully the first of an ongoing series...

Fantastic 1920s cigarette card of Newcastle's Bob McKay, that will feature on my retro collage.

So lots of things to keep me busy as always!!

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