Sunday, 12 October 2014


Have been at work on the latest proofs of THE BOOK OF THOTH, which we are very close to finishing!

While I work I love to listen to music, usually very loud and on headphones!!
It always takes a while to decide what to play though...

However, this week I read an interview with UNDERWORLD's Karl Hyde in Time Out talking about their imminent gigs playing their old album DUBNOBASSWITHMYHEADMAN.

So what better than to dig out my old CD of the album... 
Getting over the shock of seeing it came out in 1993, (gulp, was it really 21 years ago??!!), I'd forgotten how great it was... Tracks like DIRTY EPIC and COWGIRL sounded fantastic!

So I carried on the 90s Electronica theme by plundering my CD collection to play the likes of FLUKE, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and DRUM CLUB!!!

Loads of near forgotten classics on all of them!!!

To prove I was actually working, here is a screenshot of Thoth!

The classic UNDERWORLD album that started my 90s re-run!
The bruvvers gonna work it out, 1995's Exit Planet Dust.

Fabulous live album of the DRUM CLUB in Iceland also from 1995.

Another 90s fave, FLUKE's Risotto album. "Baby's got an atom bomb!"

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