Saturday 23 August 2014


Here are just a few piccies from our trip to the Midlands!
Despite the disappointment of the cancelled music festival Alt-Fest, we still managed to find things to do.

With a bit of vintiquing all the way of course!!

Stayed at a great hotel in Kettering, the Hawthorn Hotel. And enjoyed amazing English breakfasts each morning!

Visited the haunting and poignant Lyveden New Bield. An unfinished Elizabethan house in the middle of nowhere. And the beautiful Rockingham Castle, heavily involved in the Civil War and now a handsome house.

Wandered around some towns as well, including Kettering and Northampton, exploring places I'd never been to before.

Found great antiques and vintage stuff in Station 109 at Rushden. And on a brocante style day at Burton Latimer, where residents put things out on their driveways, creating a great community feel.

On the way home we thought about stopping in Cambridge, but thought better of it as it would've been full of tourists, so visited the smaller version just north of the city, Ely.
What a great decision, as it's a lovely little place, with an unusual and magnificent cathedral. It also has odd list of past inhabitants, Oliver Cromwell lived there and actor Guy Pearce and Sisters of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch were born there!

So a great weekend in the end and we discovered loads of great places...

Our lovely hotel room, which was in the Coach House to the Victorian Hawthorn Hotel.

Unfinished business at Lyveden New Bield.

The building creates the perfect opportunity for moody shots!

Mysterious 17th Century graffiti!

Another black and white of Lyveden.

Imposing entrance to Rockingham Castle.

Which then reveals a gorgeous and comfortable home.

A lovely rose found in the gardens.

Lovely old cottage found in the village of Houghton, near Huntingdon.

The magnificent and unusual architecture of Ely Cathedral.

More Gothic splendour at Ely.

Cloisters, a fantastic antique and art shop at Ely.

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