Wednesday, 16 July 2014


There was only one place to be at the Village Green festival at Chalkwell Park last Saturday....
The DRAGNET tent!!!

All day there was an amazing array of 1940s Noir writing, musing and music!

The inspiration and curators behind the imaginative venture were authors CATHI UNSWORTH, TRAVIS ELBOROUGH and SYD MOORE.
They all put together a fascinating collection of people to delve into the murky waters of the late 40s.

I was in the tent virtually all day and witnessed some spellbinding talks from MAX DÉCHARNÉ's delightful history of pulp fiction slang and language, PAUL WILLETT's mysterious murder connections between Soho and Southend in 1949 and a discussion of the cult Noir writer Derek Raymond with IAIN SINCLAIR and CATHI UNSWORTH.

Not only that but a thoroughly spiffing play about infamous 40s Acid Bath Murderer John George Haigh, put on by the SOHEMIAN SOCIETY PLAYERS. They recreated a fantastic retro style radio play, complete with classic BBC accents and authentic clothes.

All that lot was finished off by a sizzling set from THE CESARIANS (try saying that after a few G&T's!!).

Well done to all concerned (especially CARYA GISH, who was helping out backstage!), for a Naughty Noir day!!!

For more info and photos check out these two blogs... 

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Fenris Oswin: HERE

The fantastic Dragnet tent, where it all happened!

Two of the curators, Cathi Unsworth and Travis Elborough.

The enigmatic Mex Décharné and his saucy slang!

A Drop of Tea With Acid in full flow, by the super Sohemians!

Paul Willett telling us about his huge knowledge of 40s London and new book North Soho 999.

Syd Moore in conversation with Mark Pilkington about Essex witches.

Great view inside the gorgeous tent.

The Cesarians bashing out their own brand of Odd Pop!

We even met Blackadder (and assistant), soon to be playing at the Palace Theatre. We've got our tickets!
Couldn't resist adding my very own Noir inspired collage... NAUGHTY NOIR!

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