Friday, 13 June 2014


At last the World Cup has started!!!!
And tomorrow England are playing!!!!

The ArtPix household already has the flags out and the beer in, ready for the big game!
This is always a great time, when England and the English come out in support.

I thought I would plunder the ArtPix Archives for a few vintage England items to show you and to get you in the mood...

I scrabbled around the loft to find my original England shirt from 1977. Not surprisingly, it doesn't fit anymore, but absolutely shouts out retro cool!!

Also, a few items from the fabulous 1966 World Cup triumph.
I actually have a family link to someone from that famous day, so the victory is even more special in the ArtPix clan. I might tell you one day!!

But for now....

My fantastic retro England top from the 70s!

Close up of the classic Three Lions logo.

Admiral, the ultimate 70s retro shirt makers!

Cover of a great book from the 1966 finals.

Daily Express magazine, celebrating the brilliant victory, this is actually for sale, contact me now!!

Even stamps were produced to commemorate the win!
A huge Evening News colour poster, also for sale!!

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