Thursday, 24 April 2014


Ready for the next installment of my new series?!

The 1920s!!!

On another gorgeous vintage postcard of Southend I've put together a roaring collage of the 20s...

Featured here are women in classic clothes of the era, including cloche hat and dresses of the flappers, plus lovely line drawings of bright young things.

I like to use original items from Southend on these collages. So I was very pleased to put in my theatre programme of the now demolished Hippodrome from 1927. Also, there is a brilliant packed charabanc, which were used on days out for friends and families, from a Southend postcard dated 1921. There is also a cigarette card of a Southend United footballer, these cards were called Pinnace Photos and were produced in their thousands by Godfrey Phillips in the early 20s.

Gorgeous original theatre programme from 1927.

Just look at that packed charabanc! What a grand day out they must have had!

The Pinnace Photo of Southend United's J.H. Evans.

I love the Austin car on here as well, which also featured on my TIPSY 20s collage, which I spotted and snapped at a classic car show.

I now have 4 completed postcards for this series, and I've just about finished the 70s and started the 30s!

Have a peep here at the other three cards...

And look out for a blog about the super 70s postcard coming soon!

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