Wednesday, 13 November 2013


On yet another trip to the wonderful Antique Market at Covent Garden I found this amazing print....

As I trawled through a huge pile of old prints and photos, I found this mysterious lady. Although it's a bit bashed, with a strip of paper stuck to it, I was drawn to this picture.

It's actually quite a big size for a print, measuring 28cm deep x 23cm wide, and is in a gorgeous sepia tone.

So who is she?!

Unfortunately I don't know!!!

Looking at her hair, clothes, make-up and even the lighting, it must have been taken in the 1930s.

The only tantalising clues are a photographer's name, and on the back, an address and phone number for an agency. First up is the photographer, all it says is: Bloom, Chicago.
A quick mooch around the internet only found one reference to a Bloom, on a website with a gallery of the Ziegfeld Follies. With several portraits of the dancing girls on there by him/her.
So she could have been a Ziegfeld Girl??

The agency mentioned on the back is the Robert Luff Agency of Carlton House, Regent Street, SW1. Phone Number Whitehall 6520.
Again after not a very exhaustive search, the only reference I found was an estate agents in Worthing!!

So did this London based agency have a possible American dancer on their books?

I guess we'll never know, not unless someone out there can help me...

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