Sunday 4 August 2013

1930s CINEMA

Have been hard at work today on a brand new collage.......!

A celebration of cinema's golden era......... the 1930s.

I've packed together items tucked away in the ArtPix Archives to give a real flavour of those glamorous times. 

It's a star studded affair, with a healthy dose of your Hollywood faves:
Joan Crawford
Bette Davis
Marlene Dietrich
Errol Flynn
Clark Gable
Greta Garbo
Leslie Howard
....... and not forgetting King Kong!!

Sprinkled around the collage is also some original 1930s film magazines, annuals and cigarette cards. The Joan Crawford pic is a promotional postcard from MGM films. Included also are some pages from the amazing Picture Show Annuals, with Claudette Colbert supping on some champers in 1934!

I hope you like this little tribute, I've got many more ideas lined up, so keep in touch for more updates!

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