Tuesday, 2 April 2013


WOW, what an amazing day I had last Saturday!!

It was a spectacular event, with 80 stalls, fashion shows and music. Colchester Castle was absolutely heaving with people. We didn't stop all day, as the queues to get in were outside the castle and going right down Museum Street!

The day was kicked off by the splendid Curious World of the Grymoire, who performed a ditty especially written for the day. From our amazing view from the balcony we were able to see the various performers throughout the day, including The Hayward Sisters and the vast ensemble of the Funky Voices.

It was such a great experience to be in such a fantastic building. I met so many great people and although I didn't get the time to see all the stalls, the ones I saw were choc-a-bloc full of amazing goodies!

I'm also very pleased to say, I had record-breaking takings for the day, HOORAY!!!

Top marks to the Secret Vintage Fair team for organising this immense event, I can't wait for their next one!
The spectacular castle, and just look at that queue!!

The brilliant Curious World of the Grymoire performing their special ditty.

The crowds are already building up!

The Hayward Sisters in full flight!

A view from the stairs, giving you an idea of the crowds inside!

The very Funky Voices!

A perfect end to the day, a lovely sunset over the castle!

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