Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Hello everyone!
Just had the most vintage weekend you could possibly want!

First up was a visit to the amazing CHARING CROSS COLLECTORS MARKET. Hidden away deep under Charing Cross Bridge, it's one of London's best kept secrets and a treasure trove to all collectors of stamps, coins, postcards, medals and all sorts.
It's my little tip for you, if you are around that way!! We came away with a bundle of cheap vintage postcards and a World War 2 WVS badge!

We then popped round the corner to the National Portrait Gallery to see the GLAMOUR OF THE GODS - HOLLYWOOD PORTRAITS exhibition. A sumptuous tribute to the movie stars of Hollywood's golden era from 1920 to 1960.
Everyone was there, in immaculately presented prints – Garbo, Dietrich, Monroe, Leigh, Gable, Crawford, Grant etc. And nice to see exquisite prints of other stars like Lillian Gish and Laurel and Hardy. A must see exhibition...

Poster for the exhibition, featuring Clark Gable and Joan Crawford.

Next up it was over the river to the South Bank to mooch around the Vintage Festival. Unfortunately not in the eye-wateringly expensive bash in the Royal Festival Hall, but outside in amongst the fantastic vintage market. A huge array of dealers selling all kinds of wonderous things!
We even met the editor of Homes and Antiques magazine!!

But the real stars of the show were along the South Bank...
The brilliant beach huts and seaside inspired installations down there, are very much inspired by our very own SOUTHEND-ON-SEA!!!
Thanks to the Metal at Chalkwell Park crew, Southend has moved to the South Bank!!
Check out inside the huts for some amazing surprises. Then further along, in amongst a rowing boat on the seashore installation, are old railway posters of Southend, fantastic!!!

One of the amazing beach huts, covered in seaside places around Essex.
Inside you will find a recreation of a 1950s beach hut.
Fantastic grotto inside another hut created by Metal's Heidi Wigmore.
Here is the seaside brought to London by Colette Bailey.
Very handy to have a 50s model to add to the atmosphere!
Just one of the many vintage Southend posters on display.

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